The weather has been very typical for this time of year.  Daytime temps are in the low 80’s with the nights cooling down into the 60’s.  Skies have been clear in the morning and some afternoons getting cloudy and even some thunder booms.  Temps are supposed to stay warm for the next week or so.


The creek is running pretty fast and the fishing has been very good.  DFG has stocked for the weekend and anglers are taking advantage using Pautzke Red Lable or Nightcrawlers.  Some good action with Powerbait using either Chunky Cheese or Salmon Peach.  Colors are just starting to fade a little, telling us Fall is not far off.


The lake is still full and the fishing has been great.  The rockslide area has been wonderful using Nightcrawlers or trolling a red dot frog Needlefish with leadcore line.  Just drifting with a worm has been super.  Behind the island in the inlet streams the fishing has been spectacular.  Lots of fish hanging out waiting for Powerbait or Salmon Eggs.  Some anglers reporting good luck with olive Wooly Buggers.


Spilling over the top!!  This is about as beautiful as it gets up here and the fishing is great.  Drifting with a Nightcrawler or throwing Powerbait have both been bringing in lots of fish.  Salmon Eggs are working great in the back of the lake.  Some success trolling with flashers and Worms.


Still doing pretty good at North Lake.  Powerbait working best with Nightcrawlers a close second.  Light tackle is the key to catching fish.  Some good action in the inlet creek with Salmon Eggs.  Colors starting to turn a little by the lake so cameras will be coming out soon.


Lots of fishing still going on at the intake with Powerbait leading the way.  Salmon Peach is probably the best.  Action also going with mini-jigs off a bobber and with olive wooly buggers off a bobber.  Float tubers are having a ball!


Didn’t have any reports from the higher lakes this week, but it has to be pretty nice.

Labor Day Weekend is coming up and the weather looks to be great with DFG and Alpers stocked fully.  It should be pretty nice for those who venture up.

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