The weather has been spectacular this week.  The nighttime temps have been cold (50-55) with the daytime temps getting into the 70’s.  We have had a little snow in the very high backcountry that stayed around for a day or two but is gone now.  Skies have been clear blue for the most part and only some brisk breezes in the higher elevations.  Colors are just starting to turn but only very slightly.  We appear to be about two weeks behind normal.


The creeks are running at a nice level for fishing now and DFG has been stocking regularly.  Most anglers are reporting good fishing with the majority using Nightcrawlers or Powerbait.  Some nice action with red Pautzke’s.  We are even starting to see some native Browns coming out.  Usually with Nightcrawlers or eggs.  Weir Pond is having some pretty good action with black Ants, not a lot of pressure, even though the fishing is good.


The lake has stopped spilling now but is full, full, full.  The fishing has been great.  We are seeing lots of fish coming out in the 2 – 4 lb. range and limits all over the place.  Powerbait and Nightcrawlers seem to be doing the best.  A couple of anglers reported almost any color of Powerbait were working when they weighed in their multiple big fish stringer.  They were mostly catching back by the inlets or over by the Rockslide.  Some action going on trolling with a Nightcrawler or some small flashers and a Nightcrawler.


Fishing remains good at the lake with almost anything you throw catching fish.  Lures, Powerbait, Eggs, Nightcrawlers it just doesn’t matter.  The fishing has been great.  The lake is still full.  Trolling slowly with a Nightcrawlers across the lake has been super or plunking baits in the back.


I didn’t get a lot of reports from North Lake this week, but one group went and detailed some good results with olive Matukas and a bobber.  DFG is still stocking so the fishing should remain good until the end of the year.


Still continues to be one of the best areas for planters.  Peach Powerbait has been great along with white mini-jigs either of the bottom or using a bobber.  The mini-jigs seem to be one of the best at Intake 2 on a consistent level.  Great location to take kids.


It is starting to get cold in the upper elevations.  There still seem to be a lot of hikers.  I went to Long Lake with the grandkids and it was spectacular.  We hit a little rain at the top, but it made for nice hiking.  The wet weather seems to have subsided so the hiking should get better in the next few weeks.

We have started our Fall hours at the Lodge now so dinners on Wednesdays and Sundays run until 6:00 pm with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday going until 8:00 pm.

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