The weather has been very Fall-like.  The days are very comfortable with cold evenings.  There have even been a few short showers in the late afternoons to early evenings.  The weatherman is calling for light rain and snow starting Wednesday for a few days.  This is pretty normal and hopefully we will get an Indian Summer with warmer temps after this week.  The wind has been coming up off and on the last couple of days, be sure to bring a jacket.  The nice thing is there are finally NO mosquitoes.


The water level remains just about perfect for fishing and DFG has been stocking enough that most anglers are catching lots of fish.  Nightcrawlers and Powerbait seem to be working best.  Some nice action with yellow and gold Panther Martins.  Weir Pond has been doing very well with olive Wooly Buggers and olive Matukas.  Be sure to bring sunglasses while fishing on the creek because the Fall colors are beginning to peak right now and with bright sun it is breathtaking.


The lake is going down just a bit but is still full and with the colors it is gorgeous.  The wind has been a factor the last few days and probably will be for the next few days but DFG has been putting in lots of fish, with a few pretty big ones. The people who are braving the cold are doing pretty well.  Powerbait and Salmon Eggs have been very successful and for those who want to throw lures the best has been the ever-trusted red-gold Thomas Buoyant.


The colors are spectacular right now and the fishing is exeptional.  Nightcrawlers in the back by the inlets have been great.  Powerbait is also doing very well.  Some anglers are trolling and catching fish with light lures or just a Nightcrawler very slowly.  Throwing a Thomas Buoyant will definitely bring in fish.  Also seeing some pretty nice fish coming out.


The lake is staying very consistant with Powerbait or mini-jigs.  DFG continues to stock well and the numbers are still pretty high for anglers.  As is every Fall the colors are spectacular on the far side of the lake and will be great on this side very shortly.


Great fishing still a plus at the Intake.  Mini-jigs have been great and Stingers have been marvelous.  Either using a bobber or just jigging on the bottom, anglers are catching tons of fish.  Powerbait remains a heavy hitter!  The colors are starting to turn and should be pretty nice in a few days. 


The colors are spectacular right now.  In the early morning and just before the sun goes down the pictures are phenomenal.  We have had bright blue skies with big puffy white clouds that give a great contrast to the yellows and reds of the leaves.  If we get the moisture they are predicting in the next few days the colors should stay for quite a while.  We just have to hope there is no wind to blow the leaves off.  For the upper part of the canyons the time for pictures is right NOW.  Caution! drive slowly to avoid photographers that forget they are standing and setting up in the middle of the roadway.