The daytime temps are warm when the sun comes out but turn chilly when the sun sets.  Temps range from the mid 60’s to the low 40’s.  Skies have been blue with some wispy clouds in the afternoons.  Weatherman says it should get warmer for the next week or so before the true cold comes in.


The creek is running at near perfect fishing levels and the fishing has been very good.  DFG has been stocking continually and should to the end of the season (Nov 15).  Nightcrawlers have been best with Salmon Eggs doing pretty well.  Powerbait in the small eddys has been very good.  I have not heard a lot of fly activity but Super Dupers and Thomas Buoyants are working well.


The water level remains high and the fishing has been great.  In the back behind the island a little Powerbait or a Nightcrawler have been deadly.  Some pretty good action with Trout Traps and a bobber.  Did not hear much action on trolling but shore fishing by the dam was very good.  Peach Powerbait was king.  Colors are leaving quickly.


Water level still high and weather has been chilly.  Getting nicer during the daytime and the fishing has been very good.  Powerbait and Nightcrawlers have been knocking the fish dead.  Several large fish still coming out.  Haven’t heard of many Browns yet, but with this weather and the number of anglers slowing they should start coming out soon.  Colors are pretty well gone now but it has that nice Fall/Winter look.


DFG are still stocking heavy and the fishing has been exceptional.  As with the rest of the bodies of water Powerbait seems to be the best.  Lots of good action with red-gold Thomas Buoyants and with Trout Traps.  I didn’t hear any action with flies this week but the bait and lures were doing very, very good.


The colors are great this year but are very hard to predict.  With the weird weather the colors are gone in some areas and still green in others.  If you want to get some nice pictures come on up, you may have to look for a good area but there are plenty of them around.  We still have some color here at the lodge but it will be gone in a week.  North Lake is gone and the upper lakes are pretty well history.


With the snow we got a couple of weeks ago any hiking to the upper elevations will be in the snow.  It is now bad, but be sure to wear boots that will take the snow.  Again, the big advantage is there are NO MOSQUITOES.