We held our second annual LUAU IN THE MOUNTAINS on Saturday.  The weather was fine and the food and company were spectacular.  We deep pit roasted a whole pig, three beef butt roasts, and a few chickens.  Thanks to Jim Parker and his family from Southern Calif. we had the best tropical fruit arrangement, Calif. rolls of sushi, island shrimp skewers, and a floral bouquet beyond belief.  The Mai-Tai’s and Margaritas flowed all night and everyone had a ball.  It was a great way to start the summer in the Sierra.  We will post pictures soon.


The weather has remained magnificent.  The daytime temps are in the 70’s with the nights falling to the 50’s.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  The skies are clear blue with slight breezes everyday.  With the warmer temps the snow is melting rapidly and the backcountry is just starting to open up.  Most main trails still have snow but it is leaving rapidly.


The creek has been running slower because SCE is starting to hold water in South Lake.  Water is still running fast but definitely slower than weeks past.  Finding a slow spot or an eddy behind a rock is still necessary.  Pautzke’s Red Lable have been the best bait with yellow Panther Martins being the best lure.  Some action with gold Kastmasters.  Trees are greening up now and it is really getting pretty, it finally feels like summer.  Two anglers this morning reported great flyfishing at Weir Pond using black ants and small Matukas.  They were in insulated waiders.


They have been experimenting and as they close the outlet valve the lake has come up rapidly.  The construction crew is almost done and upon completion SCE is planning on filling the lake as quickly as possible.   Fishing has been good at the lake with Salmon Eggs and Nightcrawlers.  Sizes are only in the half pound range but fish are plentiful.  Some action reported with Thomas Buoyants and Panther Martins back by the inlet creek.  The water level is still very low.


The boat operation is open and cranking along.  Fishing has been very good with a few large ones coming out.  One of our guest families fished twice on Sabrina over the weekend and reported great results with small (225) gold Kastmasters.  Salmon Eggs and Nightcrawlers also very good.  Probably the best spot for fishing right now.


By 10:oo every morning the intake is full of anglers.  It has the best access and fishing has been very good.  The shoreline is filling up and lots of anglers are using float tubes.  Very good action with gold Kastmasters or white mini-jigs.  Nightcrawlers also doing very well.  Good action, but lots of anglers using the Intake.


Fishing has been very good with Pautzke’s or peach Powerbait.  The road is in good shape and the trees are starting to green up on the mountainside, the waterfall out of the lake is spectacular.  Most fish are decent size but have not heard of any large ones coming out yet.  Mini-jigs also doing very well.


We are starting to hear a little bit on the higher lakes.  Most people are fishing through cracks in the ice or by the inlets where the incoming water has melted the ice.  Fishing is good, not great.  The biggest problem is getting to the lakes. 


Fishing licenses are available at the Lodge.  Remember you can make reservations online now at bishopcreeklodge.com and you can friend us on FACEBOOK.