We had a great Fouth of July with fantastic weather, good fishing, and a wonderful fireworks show at the airport.  Past employee Troy Johnson got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding on the bridge on Monday. 


The weather has been very nice with daytime temps in the hi 70’s and nights in the 40’s.  Several days have had afternoon thunder showers that last from one to three hours.  It cools everything down and makes the air smell so clean and crisp.  Every morning has been bright blue with a few big puffy white clouds.  It is spectacular.


The creek is running fast but has slowed enough that people are able to fish nicely.  Finding an eddy or slow spot is still crucial and by putting a few Pautzkes on a light line most anglers are catching limits pretty easily.  You have to be attentive because once hooked the fish are taking you into the rocks or bushes to break free.  Decent action with Panther Martins but Salmon Eggs have definitely been the best.


The construction on the dam is now complete and the water is rising rapidly.  Parchers has boats out now and are looking at putting pontoon boats out very soon.  Alpers has stocked a couple of times and Edison is scheduled to plant large amounts in the next couple of weeks.  The state should start stocking soon.  Fishing has been good with Nightcrawlers or trolling with an olive Wooly Bugger.  Some shore action with red-gold Thomas Buoyants.


Fishing slowed a bit but the state stocked so it should be picking up now.  The water is getting close to the top and the lake should be full in the next couple of days.  The boats and ramp are fully operational now.  Nightcrawlers in the back of the lake have been a hit along with some powerbait close to shore.


It is really getting pretty at North Lake now with the trees and grasses turning green and summer getting into full swing.  Fishing has been pretty good with Powerbait working well on the far side.  They are starting to get some float tubers now and they have had good success with olive Matukas or using Power Worms with a bobber.


Still probably the most popular spot in the canyon.  Salmon Eggs or Powerbait are working very well.  DFG is stocking it heavily so lots of limits are coming out.  Float tubers are having a ball throwing Thomas Buoyants or olive Matukas and Woolies.  Salmon Eggs are working great.


The trails are finally starting to open up towards Bishop Pass and the other areas.  There is still some snow as you get higher but it is getting easy to negotiate now.  I have reports of bears starting to surface so be sure to secure any food you take back into the area.  Not a lot of reports on fishing yet but they should be coming soon.

Don’t forget to check out the Fish Gallery for pictures of nice catches from the area.

Mosquitoes have been intense because of the extra wet winter we had, so be sure to bring plenty of repellent.