The weather has been magnificent.  Daytime temps have been in the hi 70’s with nights dropping to the low 50’s.  The mosquitoes are still very prevalent but have calmed down a bit.  We have had light afternoon breezes with blue skies and some big puffy clouds.


The creek is running at about normal flows right now and the fishing has been good.  Rainbow candy Powerbait on a 4 lb. leader has been the best.  Just find an eddy or slow spot and gently set it in.  Most fish have been very nice – in the 3/4 lb. range or nicer.  Be sure to bring repellent as the mosquitoes are pretty dense in the lower, marshy areas.  Some action on Nightcrawlers, again with a light leader.  Flies have been pretty good in Weir Pond with green bodied mosquitoes or bead-headed Prince Nymphs doing the best.


The lake continues to rise with the water well on the ramp now.  You can maneuver easily behind the island, still a little shallow in the Gilbert Glacier inlet, but it is coming up fast.  Salmon Eggs working well by the Treasure inlet along with Nightcrawlers.  Red-gold Thomas Buoyants still doing very well, Stingers have been excellent on a bobber.  Trolling kinda slow right now.  Tons of fish visible by the Rockslide just waiting for a Nightcrawler or Thomas Buoyant.  Boats are available at the marina, call to reserve at 760-873-4177.


Fishing has slowed down a bit but still some nice fish coming out.  Powerbait and Nightcrawlers seem to be the best.  Some pretty good action on Stingers and a bobber.  Several float tubers have been on the lake and reporting pretty good results with silver Kastmasters and for flies they are using green bodied mosquitoes and olive woollies.


The lake is full now and the fishing has been very good.  Nightcrawlers have been best either still fishing in the back of the lake or drifting in a boat across by the rocks.  Trolling has been pretty successful with a Nightcrawler or olive Woolly, with trolling speed real slow.  Powerbait doing well from shore or back by the inlets.  Stingers bringing in some nice fish also.


DFG has been stocking pretty heavily in the intake with nice half pounders and some nicer fish.  Still probably one of the better spots especially for kids.  Rainbow candy or Garlic Powerbait have been fabulous with light line on the bottom.  Very popular spot for tubers or kayaks using Powerbait or a slow troll with a Woolly Bugger.


Many of the backcountry lakes are finally beginning to open up.  Hiking is almost to the pass now with quite a bit of snow up high.  Long Lake fishing has been very good with Nightcrawlers or throwing gold Kastmasters or a Rapala.  Green Lake is pretty slow with several anglers making the hike over several days and all reporting slow fishing and very few fish rising.  Tyee Lakes has been decent with Worms or some surface flies, nothing to write home about, but at least some fish.

Packers are finally able to operate and do some half and full day rides, still tough to go over the top, but lots of front country adventures.

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