Typical Fall weather with drizzly, rainy days and nights.  We have no snow but have been getting Fall showers with cold temps.  The temps run in the mid 50’s during the day and high 30’s to low 40’s at night.  It is just kinda yucky weather, not really raining and not really sunny.  Bring a waterproof  jacket and shoes.


The water level continuing to drop very slowly with the lake launch ramp still very useable.  The fishing has been very good with lots of nice stringers and reports of having to release fish all day long.  Red-gold Thomas Buoyants have been great or trolling with a red dot Needlefish.  Salmon Eggs doing well in the back of the lake by the stream inlets.  Shore fishing great with Nightcrawlers or Powerbait.  I saw DFG heading up with even another truck of fish today and the sizes have been surprisingly large.

Colors are almost gone now at the lake with a few leaves still hanging on.


The creek level remains perfect with the fishing very good.  Most of the fish have been nice sized and are not hard to get.  Worms doing very well and casting a silver Panther Martin has been bringing in quite a few fish.  The key on the creek is to move if you are not catching fish.  The biggest hassle is walking through the wet bushes to get to the good areas.  The fall colors are fantastic right now and we still have some green leaves here by the lodge so we expect the colors to continue for quite a while.


North Lake has been very good with Chunky Cheese Powerbait and there has also been some nice action with Stingers.  Again, the sizes are nice for stockers.  Most close to the three quarter pound range.

Intake two has been doing well with Stingers and olive Matukas.  Starting to get some good action with Salmon Eggs.  Powerbait is always good

Lake Sabrina has been great.  Trolling on the far side with Thomas Buoyants has been successful.  Nightcrawlers in the back of the lake have been good.  Powerbait by the dam.


Most hikers are out of the backcountry now because of the weather.  Haven’t had any reports this week on fishing.