The weather has cleared up a bit with some windy periods still around but no rain.  It is cloudy today but the temps have been great.  Last night was 43 degrees and the daytimes have been in the hi 50’s to lo 60’s.  Weatherman has called for a slight chance of showers for the weekend.


The water level continuing to drop very slowly with the lake launch ramp still very useable.  The fishing has been GREAT!  DFG continues to stock heavily with nice sized fish.  Nightcrawlers are still the best bait with red Salmon Eggs close behind.  Some action with Powerbait.  Red gold Thomas Buoyants are still the best lure.  The boat landing is NOT open for rentals according to the guys at Parchers.


The creek level remains perfect with the level up just a bit.  Fishing has been excellent with nice fish.  The colors are starting to fade up high with the winds we had last week but there are still some nice foliage by the lodge.  Red Salmon Eggs have been hot.  The fish are there and the key is light tackle and to move if not in a good area.  Don’t stand and wait for the fish to come to you, they may not.  You need to get to them.


North Lake has been very good with Powerbait.  Also, some great action with frog colored Trout Traps, especially with a little mealworm attached.  Colors are almost gone by the lake.

Intake two has been doing great continuing with Stingers and olive Matukas.  Floating a Nightcrawler has been very productive.

Lake Sabrina remains great.  Trolling with lures all over the lake has been successful.  Salmon Eggs and Nightcrawlers have been super.  Colors are getting scarce up high but still some down in the canyon.


Most hikers are out of the backcountry now because of the weather.  Haven’t had any reports this week on fishing.

I think by reading the report you get the idea of how good the fishing is now.  The season stays open until November 15, but the Lodge is closing this Saturday.  There are lots of units in Bishop to stay at and come up for the late Fall season.

I will continue to update the report during the winter so keep in touch.  Don’t forget to use our new web page.