The cold weather is retreating and giving us some nicer days.  It is still chilly but the true cold is gone.  Today is windy but the temps are in the 50’s.  Nights are getting into the low 40’s.  Pretty regular for this time of year.  Next week is supposed to be even warmer.


The lake is ice free and finally starting to give up some fish.  A couple of guests walked up yesterday and were rewarded with almost a fish with every catch.  Using Nightcrawlers they came out with 10 real nice 3/4 to full pound Rainbows.  One Brown in the bunch.  Edison is planning on opening the gate in a couple of days which will make it much nicer getting to the fish.  The lake is still very low due to the construction project but should fill up fast when the weather turns warmer.  There is still a ton of snow up in the mountains.


They have been losing water level because of the cold weather last week but should start to shift up soon.  The fishing has still been the hottest in the area.  Nightcrawlers and Green Label Pautzkes are the best.  Have heard a little with Thomas Buoyants but most has been with bait.


Still doing very well.  Lots of fishermen have been on the Intake because of the ease of access and the good fishing.  Olive Wooley Buggers have been great as well as Salmon Eggs.  Most anglers reporting great results!


A few hearty souls are taking the walk to North Lake and are reporting very good fishing by the inlet.  That seems to be where the best open water is.  Nightcrawlers have been best with a little action with Power Eggs and Power Bait.


Both sides are running pretty hard because of the runoff and releasing of water from the dams.  The State has been stocking a little and the fishing is pretty nice if you can fish the fast water.  The key is to find an eddy or slow spot by the bank and trail a worm with fairly light tackle.  It is a lot of work but the results have been good.  Salmon Eggs are doing pretty well too.  For those walking in to Weir Pond the exercise is worth it.  Quite a few anglers are reporting great results with an olive Wooley or Matuka.  Some pretty nice sized fish also.