If you are thinking about fishing California for trout then here are the reasons why you should fish Bishop Creek.

The daytime temps are in the 80’s with the nights dropping to the 60’s.  Perfect weather.  We have also had typical afternoon rainstorms that run into evening and clear overnight to a beautiful blue sky in the morning.  A couple of nights we have had spectacular thunder and lightning.

South Lake

The lake level is very low because of the lack of snow last winter.  Fishing from shore has been good with Salmon Eggs or Nightcrawlers.  Some success with Thomas Buoyant lures.  The boats are still running for now and heading over towards the Rockslide area has been successful.  Thomas Buoyants and Nightcrawlers working best.

Lake Sabrina

The lake level is also very low but fishing has been pretty good.  We have had several Alpers come in this week using Thomas Buoyant lures.

Bishop Creek

The creek is running at an excellent level for fishing.  Quite a few nice fish coming out with Salmon Eggs and some with Powerbait.  Access is great and the fall flowers are starting to come out.  Everything is a little early this year because of the early spring and warm summer.


Quite a few backpackers are coming through reporting no problem in catching dinner.  Again, using Salmon Eggs.  Several are using flies – green mosquitos, black ants, and sierra bright dots.